Sunday, August 14, 2011

memory and a smile

Memories made me smile today!
Two Christmases before the accident Bill surprised me with my hot little convertible sports car. At some point during our family gift opening I was told to go outside to the garage. I knew something was up but little did I know what!
Then............there she was with one of those big red bows just like the commercial! Oh my goodness! I was so excited and I felt so special! Bill had truly outdone himself!
So as I was driving back home from San Diego today with the top down, I smiled to myself as I thought of that past Christmas when my wonderful and generous husband made me feel special to him. Oh ya, it's good to smile!


OC Italian said...

The fact that you smiled made me smile. Embrace those happy memories. You are an amazing woman, Debi. And that car sure does look like it is fun to drive! xo

Anonymous said...

So excited you were able to find a slice of life that made you smile. Here's to many many more:)

Anonymous said...

He did things for me that I didn't expect and made me smile also. Wishing you many more good smiles. Love Dad

Jasmine said...

I'm certain he was happy to see his beloved wife smiling, Mrs. Rooney. God bless you.