Monday, April 26, 2010


Sometimes the struggle to survive this awful sorrow is just too much to take.
When I see a young Father with his kids I feel ripped off for Will and Reese. Patrick was going to be such a great Dad! He wanted to be a Father so much! When I realize that Will and Reese aren't going to get the opportunity to know Patrick I wonder where the sense of that is? What is the justification, God? Please tell me! I don't understand!

Believe me, there are many of us that will tell stories about Patrick to Will and Reese. We'll tell them how much he loved them but it won't be the same! I want to see Patrick hold his kids and throw them up in the air laughing! I want him to hug and kiss them until they giggle uncontrollably! I would've loved to see Patrick teach them and play with them like a loving Daddy would do. I feel so jipped!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I recently had to sign some papers. I showed up to the appointment with much anticipation. "This is my first business transaction to do all by myself" I said to myself. (Bill was an expert at it) I sat down at the conference table and looked at the stack of paperwork in front of me. Oh my gosh!.......

Debra A. Rooney, Widow

Are you kidding? That's what I am now? A widow?
I'm in shock and feel a little light headed.
I just don't want to believe it.
I wish there was a better word.
I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.
Don't I always get to check the married box?
I don't even have any pictures by myself!
Do I have to accept this? Do I have a choice?
Not really. It's what I am now.
I don't like it.