Sunday, September 20, 2009

I need a hug!

Throughout our marriage when I asked Bill for a hug he knew that I was feeling sad or alone about something. I would ask and he would oblige with no hesitation, even if he was mad at me! Bill would say that we were a perfect fit. I fit just under his arm in a way that made him feel protective and in charge. Bill was very sweet and never felt uncomfortable about being affectionate. The kids would giggle when we would hug or kiss but I think it was a good example for them. I would give anything to feel his arms around me again!  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When you say you're praying for me...........

I think of this song and I can imagine that heaven is
hearing my name and how much I'm hurting! To know that God is
listening to your prayers helps me to hold on!
Thank you for lifting me and Erynn up in prayer along with our hurting families. It means so much!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bill would've been at a Tea Party in a minute!

I laugh every time that I see or hear about the "Tea Parties"
and I'll tell you why.............
When Bill was frustrated with government and it's inefficiencies and it's encroachment on our individual choices and liberty he would tell me, "What we need is a revolt by the people like the Boston Tea Party. I could really get involved with that!" I would laugh and say, "sure Bill!"

Just like so many other things, Bill was before his time. He had great intuition and foresight! I'd love it if he could see what's going on. I can imagine how much fun Bill and I would have at a Tea Party. Our sign would say "THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is this my reality?

I have a love, hate relationship with the pictures and memories on my shelves!

Patrick's sweet face....I want to give him a hug again so bad!

Bill's trophy Caribou makes me want to smile and cry at the same time!

It's late.
The movie is over and the music is finished.
I'm not distracted anymore.
I look around but the memories and the missing are too much to bear!
How can this be me?
How can I endure this aching?
All I hear right now is the sound of an empty house.