Sunday, October 30, 2011



Child of my child,
Heart of my heart,
Your smile bridges the years between us--
I am young again discovering the world
through your eyes.
You have the time to listen
And I have the time to spend.
Delighted to gaze at familiar,
loved features, made new in you again.
Through you, I'll see the future
Through me, you'll know the past
In the present we'll love one another
As long as these moments last.

Reesie loves Gigi's glasses

 Will is precious

How cute is she?

Gee......what's not to like about this pic? 

And a new one on the way! Yay! 
I only wish that Grandpa Airplane was here to share it with me.
The miracle of life brings sanity to mine and a new perspective of hope! xoxo