Saturday, June 19, 2010

What does a Father pass on?

His name,
His looks,
His smile,
The way that he walks.
He passes on
His sense of humor,His compassion, His generosity
and How to love.
He passes on
His integrity, His faith,
His confidence and.....oops! His temper.
He passes on
His mechanical skills,
His business mind and
His common sense.
He passes on
His love of hunting and the great outdoors
and His talent for baseball.
He passes on
His way with people,
His tenderness and
the love he has for his family.
Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green Bracelets

When I see green bracelets my heart skips a beat!
If you don't wear one, it's OK.
I'm not sure what it means to me.
Someday, I'm sure, I'll take mine off.
In the meantime, I'm touched when I see one.
It could be my Dad,
my sister,
or my friend.
I might see one on Colin's baseball teammate,
one of Patrick's dear friends,
or even my banker!
It might be my daughter-in-law's sister or aunt,
a friend of my nephew's, or even a note that says Patrick's Little League All-star teammate still keeps his on too.
When I'm asked to send one to one of Patrick's Pepperdine baseball teammates, I smile.
I guess it comforts me to know Bill and Patrick are still remembered.