Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bill would've been at a Tea Party in a minute!

I laugh every time that I see or hear about the "Tea Parties"
and I'll tell you why.............
When Bill was frustrated with government and it's inefficiencies and it's encroachment on our individual choices and liberty he would tell me, "What we need is a revolt by the people like the Boston Tea Party. I could really get involved with that!" I would laugh and say, "sure Bill!"

Just like so many other things, Bill was before his time. He had great intuition and foresight! I'd love it if he could see what's going on. I can imagine how much fun Bill and I would have at a Tea Party. Our sign would say "THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!"

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C said...

I follow Erynn's blog which is how I found yours..

Anyway this post was cute and I totally would have agreed with your husband about the tea party thing!