Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've prayed that I would see you in my dreams, both of you. Recently my prayer was answered. It's not the first time. It was so nice to have you both there the same time. I don't remember much detail but we were traveling by train together and I felt good. When I woke up I was overwhelmed with a good feeling as if you were both telling me that it's ok, that you're with me still just a slight dimension away. I wished that I could go back to sleep to be with you both again. That's the only bad part, not wanting to wake up.


The Estes Family said...

My MIL believes that God gives her time with her son every now and then by letting her dream about him. She looks forward to it also!! I still pray for you and Erynn and with time you will be better...never the same again but better!

Lokus' Ultimate Journeys said...

Oh Debi, that was a beautiful dream, you know that they will always be with you, your love for God will help you keep your strength to go on Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You know sweetheart that I see Bill and Patrick all the time. I think of my wonderful family and I see everyone. I know that it's not real but it makes me feel good for those few minutes. Keep on dreaming, the Holy Spirit placed them with you so enjoy.