Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

Made it through Easter without Bill and Patrick and it was very difficult. Focusing on the blessings helps somewhat but I still feel the emptiness. 

We had so much fun on Easter.......Bill was a champion egg hider! He would start thinking about where he was going to hide the $$$ eggs days before Easter. The boy
s would start thinking about the possible places to look way in advance too! Bill desperately wanted to outsmart them and usually he did. On Easter m
orning the competition would begin and even though the boys were older, on Easter morning, hunting for eggs, they were kids again! Bittersweet memories!

This year Will tried his hand at decorating eggs. We had fun trying to keep his hands out of the dye and keeping the eggs from being crushed!


Jennifer said...

It sounds like Bill was a wonderful father. Although I never met him, I can picture him trying to out smart his boys. Those egg hunts sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing the memories!

Erynn said...

they never let me get a golden egg~ those boys!! grrr