Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's be honest!

I've decided that I've been sanitizing what I've been saying, trying to keep it light. The whole point was to be honest with my feelings as a way to get through this. So here goes........
IT SUCKS!!!! Every time I think of Bill or Patrick, I ache inside. 
The memories only remind me of what I have lost. 
I wonder when a smile or laughter will return when I think of them 
instead of tears?

Proud of his fried turkey!

Thanksgiving prowess!


avgypsy said...

Love ya, Deb. Your heartache is so understandable for all of us. I look at pictures of all the Rooney's and I wonder how one gets thru this. From what they say, it's one day at a time... if only I could take some of this pain from you.I admire your strength and for this reason your tears WILL change to smiles! Kisses and hugs, Mom

erynn said...

That is one white boy, trying to dance! I love it. I think that was actually my bday night on the house boat.

Anonymous said...

Take time to grieve and mourn - it will gradually help you heal. No one knows heartache like this until one has been thru it. I have. I admire you for starting this blog. I used to keep a journal--it had a cathartic effect - in fact now I do it on the computer but I'm not brave enough to share it with the world like you are. Even now, two years later, it sometimes hits me just out of the blue - hard. I cry, I mourn all over. You will never forget them, never stop loving them, and even years later thoughts of them will pop into your mind; but you will get better. You have a loving family and friends to help you thru. Lean on them if you need to. Don't shut them out. I can't give you anything but my very best wishes that you will eventually find comfort and peace of mind. They will always be in your heart. I know that until the cause of this horrific accident is found, you will always wonder. I hope the NTSB soon finds the cause and that may help you find peace.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you Debi and wanting to share a scrpture that came to my mind for you today:
Philippians 4:6-7 (King James Version)

6Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
In His Love... rhonda

Jennifer said...

Thinking about you!!

Michelle and Heath said...

Always thinking of you Debi! :) xoxo

avgypsy said...

Debi do you remember how cranky Patrick used to be when he got up from his naps when he was very young? When I would watch him I would make sure I was in the room when it was time to wake up so we could play and he would then be in a good mood! It made me wonder, is Will like this because they were both about the same age at that time? Funny stuff, huh!

erynn said...

by the way, Bill and Patrick look so much alike in that last picture!