Sunday, June 5, 2011

My life is a roller coaster!

A roller coaster of emotion, I mean.
One day I feel as though I'm kinda back to normal and then I fall back into the deep pit of despair. One day I say to myself, "I will have happiness again" and then all I can think about is the broken dream. Some mornings I wake up feeling strong enough to make it through the day while other days I still have to ask the Lord to carry me to the end of it. There are times when I snicker to myself, "I get to watch whatever I want on TV tonight" or "I don't have to make dinner tonight!" But really I'd give anything to watch a movie again with my husband after making his favorite meal! I was sick recently and felt so lonely not having Bill there to take care of me. I've never been fond of roller coasters and I don't like this new life!


Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for you today. ((Many hugs))

The Estes Family said...

Just said a prayer for you today! I think about you often!

Anonymous said...

I know that life so well. I am not as good but I am like God, always with you. Call if you want to laugh, call if you want to cry. I am always here for you. Call me if you want me to come up and stay with you for however long. I feel i'm living in blah land. Much of the time just going thru the motions. I am sure that things will get better with time and God's help.Love you bunches, Dad.

Jasmine said...

My heart goes out to you, and to your Dad - what a faithful and inspiring man he sounds like.

I ask God to bless you both, and give you strength.